Save-the-Egg-Farms Campaign!

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The gist of what’s going on…


  • Saturday, May 16 (Westfield, MA)
  • Saturday, May 23 (Westfield, MA)

We’re actively adding new distribution dates. Please check back for updates.



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Who are we supporting?

The Zimmerman family pictured (right) is specifically the family whose farm we are presently helping. Located in Kempton, PA their family has been raising eggs since 2016. Mr Zimmerman is my first cousin!

These white eggs are certified cage-free! For the last several years their eggs have processed as liquid eggs for the food-service industry. But in April 2020 their primary processing facility in NY closed down after an employee was diagnosed with COVID-19. This puts their farm and many others at risk of losing not only their livelihood, but also the ability to support the food chain in the present food shortage.

They are only one of many farmers presently in this situation. Our effort is aimed specifically at keeping farms going, because we keenly realize that without farms the food supply chain will collapse. This is a crisis-response campaign. We may not be continuing this long-term, but no-one knows how long the crisis will last either. Our goal is simply to help where there is a need.