Unique blend of apple varieties, for one great taste!

Our Family is working hard to bring you the richness of the apple orchard in old-fashioned glass jar integrity. By kettle-cooking small batches in our home-based kitchen we strive to ensure that you receive only the best.

But apple sauce is not only a great side dish. It also makes a significant contribution to your favorite Recipes.

Your applesauce is as close as it comes to be homemade. We loved it and appreciate having the chance to cook with it.

Jackie Hardin, Knoxville, TN

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Here’s a careful balance between sweet and healthy!

These tasty spreads are jam-packed with the berry’s natural sweetness. Beyond that we’ve chosen only pure organic cane sugar to craft these winning flavors. From the garden to your table!

We absolutely love the blueberry jam and thank you for it!

Jennifer Cowart, Cranston, RI

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From the garden to your table!

For years already I was totally hooked on my wife’s homemade salsa! There was simply no store-bought brand that could rival it. Now she’s taken it up another notch by removing sugar and adding an assortment of heat levels.

Whip out those tortilla chips out and get onto a tasty snack! This tomatoey flavor is the perfect appetizer for any Mexican entrée.

Sugar free, and certified organic!

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