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American-as-Apple-Pie Snack Bites

American as Apple Pie Snack Bites

These energy/snack balls will make a healthy breakfast on the go, as they have protein from the cashews and energy from the oats and applesauce! What Moms wouldn’t feel good serving these to their kids? Enjoy!

American-as-Apple-Pie Snack Bites



Measure first seven ingredients and add to a high speed blender. Blend until smooth, stopping to scrape sides. When mixture is smooth, scrape into a medium size bowl. add raisins and stir to incorporate.

Place a sheet of wax paper down. Roll mixture into approximately one inch sized balls, using your hands. Place on wax paper. Balls can be eaten immediately, or stored in refrigerator.

Jackie Gregston, Hallsville, TX
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