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From the small batches of fresh apples to the kettle-cooked sauce; we make it our business to bring you the nostalgic homemade excellence that we have appreciated for generations.

Our family enjoys applesauce as a side dish with nearly any meal. But applesauce also makes a significant contribution to your favorite recipes; being frequently used to substitute oil, sugar, or even eggs!

It is delicious! Nothing at all like the traditional store bought applesauce.

Debbie Huber, Petersburg, NJ

NEW! Family-pack options!

We’re excited to announce this super-duper savings option for all our applesauce fans!

Choose between a pack size of 6 or 12 jars per case to stock your pantry with this staple ingredient!

You now get a significant savings on the product, while also shipping in the most economical format possible!

Fill your pantry today!

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Eating applesauce is a good start. But there are SOOO many ways it can be used in cooking and baking.

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